Which barbecue to choose?

Which barbecue to choose?

Every year, at the end of the sunny days, do you enjoy lunch outside by enjoying a good grilled meal? Ideal for searing or roasting food, grilling and smoking, the barbecue comes in several versions: with or without foot, charcoal, gas or electric… How to choose from all these models? We help you find the one that best suits your use.

The charcoal barbecue

Charcoal, lighting and beautiful embers. The traditional barbecue has its charm and especially its authentic taste.
On the practical side, charcoal barbecues have features that make them more and more user-friendly and ergonomic: cleaning systems, handles and transport wheels.
Originals by their round shape, they are resistant and secure.

They have a lid to prevent sudden outbreaks and drying of food. A true “rotating heat” cooking with charcoal, for tender and tasty cooking.

The electric barbecueGas Grill

You love grilling but you live in the city? It’s an electric barbecue you need. Fast to ignite, its great advantage is that it is compact (to pose or on feet), does not make you encumber, and can be transported easily.


Far from being laborious, you do not need to worry about the direction of the wind. A mere quarter of an hour of preheating is necessary! In short it is so easy, that we would make it to all meals. Especially since the elements of electric barbecues are dishwasher safe. Finally, in case of unfavorable weather, just place your device in the shelter and you can continue your grilling!

The gas barbecue

Using gas allows you to prepare your grills without pre-heating, thanks to an instant start. This type of barbecue is also particularly appreciated for its reactivity , its ease of use and its possibilities of adjustment of temperature to the degree. Ideal if you like to grab ribs or large coins!

You often get many people at once? Some models have a wide width. Super-practical and design, they are equipped with hooks and side trays so that you have all your food, utensils and spices at your fingertips!

What size and shape?

You have a small balcony or you have a large garden to invite the buddies? The size of the barbecues is now based on the number of cutlery. Some models can cook a batch of skewers for twelve people at a time! Other nomadic models, are compact enough to get carried away in the park and feast a quartet in an appetite!

All configurations are possible: on legs, integrated in a complete piece of furniture, to be placed on a dedicated table, or directly on the dining table. It’s up to you to see where it will be installed in summer, but also where it will be stored in winter! Make your choice also according to the place you have in the garage, the garden or the cupboards!

The lid multiplies the possibilities

You noticed that some barbecues have a lid? These models are appreciated for their safety aspect and their quality of cooking. The lid helps prevent sudden outbreaks and preserves the fondant and juicy meat.

The barbecue with lid to cook as in an oven

True 2-in-1 , this type of barbecue allows to grill in traditional way, without lid. Ideal for searing chops, sausages, kebabs and crustaceans! With its lid, the grill turns into a real charcoal oven , allowing you to cook large pieces of meat (whole chicken, leg of lamb, roast) or whole fish, evenly and without drying them out.

Meat grills and planchas: alternatives

It is the way to find all the conviviality of the grills, inside and outside, summer as winter! Since it is not necessary to add fat , it is perfect for cooking healthy and gourmand. Cook shrimps with garlic, sear a steak or brown some crunchy vegetables, recipes are not lacking! Besides panini and croque-monsieur are feasible with a meat grill!

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