Tips for Barbecue

Tips for Barbecue

Lubricating before cookingThe barbecue

Before cooking, always grease the barbecue grill with oil (avoiding olive oil, which can rancid and give a bad taste.) The food will come off more easily, which will limit the Deposits on the grid. To apply it, moisten paper towels and place it on the grill with a barbecue clip so that you do not get burned. Never use a brush: it will ignite or melt.

The reflex tray

If you are cooking indirectly, place an aluminum tray in the vat to collect fat and meat juice and limit the contamination in your barbecue. Change the tray regularly and clean the broiler pan, then remove the charred residue.

Warm Clean

To save time, clean your gas or coal barbecue (but not electric) when it is hot. It takes 15 seconds to clean a hot grill and 15 minutes when it is cold … If it has cooled, heat it to carbonize the residue and pass the brush.

The right brush

To clean the grill, use a barbecue brush, stainless steel or brass. Depending on your needs, there are several kinds of brushes: long or short handles, or specially
designed to clean between grids.

Annual Cleaning

To thoroughly clean your barbecue, we recommend cleaning it thoroughly once a year with a high-pressure cleaner.

How to effectively clean your barbecue?

Clean the barbecue grill

The barbecue grill is the only item that must be cleaned after each use . Cleaning the grill on your barbecue and removing any traces of burnt fat will prevent you from getting meat stuck to the grill during the next cooking.

No need to invest in all kinds of household products. A good metal brush and elbow grease will be enough to make your grid as new in each use . It is imperative to carry out the cleaning of the grill once the barbecue has finished, and not to wait for the next one. A slightly hot grill will be much easier to clean because the burned fats will attach less.

Current servicing allows for longer life

First, the best protection for your barbecue is to store it in the shelter in the winter and to think to cover it when it stays outside in the summer between two uses
In any case, your barbecue must be systematically repaired before its first use and after the last
Regarding your gas barbecue and for its start-up after its winter storage the maintenance essentially concerns the biggest check of the condition of the burners and the pipes (station to the leaks!)
The charcoal barbecue offers the possibility of a tank that can be repainted
If you want to repaint your barbecue made with a special high temperature paint. Wait 48 hours after the last coat before making your first grilling
24 hours after each use, empty the ashes of your barbecue . The embers continue to be active during this time. The following ignition will only be facilitated. Remember to replace defective or rusty parts as you go.

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