Tips to clean your barbecue easily

Tips to clean your barbecue easily

The grill was divine, but the juices left traces: your barbecue is a battlefield that a simple sponge will not defeat. The solution ? Suspense to tricks! Target ? A grill covered with grease and grilled leftovers with an unfortunate tendency to become incrusted. It is not necessary to pass the entirety of your barbecue to the jet, only the grid is concerned: it is she, the naughty, that concentrates the chore. Gas, charcoal or electric barbecue? Align onion and newspaper, bicarbonate and dip tray, and finish the tanned!The Grill

Good timing

We do not clean a barbecue grill still smoking, your sponge will not recover. Cold? Why not! Fats inlaid, solidified, attached, one and the same thing: at the end of cooking, lower the grill as close to the embers and let the remains carbonize. Then wait for the grill to be hot, not boiling or cold, to dust it in three gestures … and say to the tendinitis to the cleaning!

A well-tempered barbecue

The BBQ bath, you know? A sworn enemy of the solidified toast, the foamy dip comes to the end of the most muscular squatters! You do not have to worry about a BBQ grill. It’s best to have a jacuzzi session between hot water and efficient foam. Three spoonfuls of bicarbonate, two of white vinegar and the juice of a lemon, immerse the ungrateful grid and let it soak for at least two hours … before you finish it with a sponge!

Maintenance of the barbecue

It is beautiful, the barbecue. Why not keep it as it is, and better circumvent the marathon of scouring? For a barbecue easy to clean, only one solution, regularity. In other words ? Clean the grill after each use, dry it and oil it before storing it, to prevent rusting. What else ? At regular intervals, empty the ash and clean the tank. And in the meantime, do not ignore the protective cover!

How to Clean you barbecue of Charcoal grill

Use a brush with bristles, a glove, a mild neutral pH soap, BBQ cleaners, a sponge or a cloth.
To clean the grille: when the grill is still warm, remove all particles still present with the bristle brush.
To evacuate the ashes: wait until the barbecue is extinguished and the ashes cool to empty the ashtray. To prevent the ash from flying on models with an ashtray, consider pouring some water into the bottom of the dish before lighting your barbecue.
If necessary, clean the inside and outside of the tank and the lid with care products. Spend a little warm soapy water with a sponge or cloth. Be sure to leave the ventilations closed after use.

How to Clean Gas grill

Use the following tools: Brush with brass hair, glove, mild PH neutral soap, BBQ cleaners, sponge or cloth and paper towel.
To clean the grill: before or after cooking, ignite the burner (s) to maximum and allow to heat until there is no more smoke (sign of fat burning). It takes about 20 minutes. Then brush the grill with your brass brush. Note that it should never be put in the dishwasher.
To clean the Flavorizer bars, you do not need to remove them from the grill to clean them. By igniting all your burners at full power, you burn all the residue. Occasionally brush the Flavorizer bars with the brush (but never put them in the dishwasher).
To clean the exterior of the lid and bowl: Remove grease traces from these surfaces using cleaning products, or water and dishwashing liquid, then rinse thoroughly. It is strongly recommended to wear household gloves.
To clean the inside of the lid and the tank: as for the outside, traces of grease must be removed regularly. When the barbecue is still warm, brush the inside of the bowl and then wipe the residue with paper towels.
To clean the grease trap: wait until it cools down before removing it. Remove any grease deposits with absorbent paper. To protect the grease trap as much as possible, you can use the disposable aluminum trays. Note that before each use of the barbecue, you will have to replace the tray in order to avoid any conflagration linked to the accumulation of fat.

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