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How to Build Stone Barbecue

How to Build Stone Barbecue The necessary tools: – a bag of cement and a bag of sand.  – a bag of refractory mortar. – a standard trowel and a joint trowel. – natural stones for the base. – refractory stones for the hearth. – formwork boards. – a spirit level. The steps of laying […]

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How to Choose Fixed Barbecue

How to Choose Fixed Barbecue Fixed barbecue models – Barbecues with charcoal : this is the most popular model that provides a special atmosphere and gives a taste so characteristic to the meat, however it tends to emit a lot of smoke and it is overall more messy. – Fixed barbecue to the wood : […]

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How to Choose Grilling

How to Choose Grilling The grating models The rigid grating : it is the strongest, ideal to protect against intruders. It adapts perfectly to windy terrains, provided they are flat. The mesh Welded mesh : his rigid meshes also make it a sturdy fence and easy to install because often sold in the form of […]

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How to Choose Barbecue Grill

How to Choose Barbecue Grill Indispensable to fully enjoy your barbecue, the barbecue grill must be chosen carefully. Models of barbecue grills Several models of barbecue grills are currently available: The barbecue grill simple : equipped with a handle, this grill is very easy to use. The double barbecue grill : consisting of two grids […]

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How to Design barbecue in your outdoor space

How to Design Barbecue in your outdoor space Fitting a corner with an outdoor barbecue in the garden or on the terrace is not an exhausting activity. It can be made with the furniture and equipment already available. It’s very unpleasant to cook when it’s very hot. Many people share this view and in summer […]

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Natural gas: a multi-purpose energy

Natural gas: a multi-purpose energy A CLEAN ENERGY As the name implies, natural gas does not undergo major transformation after extraction, it is initially colorless and odorless but for greater safety, it is “odorized”. The combustion of natural gas produces essentially water vapor and carbon dioxide and does not emit smoke or particles. For equivalent […]

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What is a gas bottle nozzle?

What is a gas bottle nozzle? A sprinkler for bottled gas is something that many individuals, using gas energy, hear about without really understanding its usefulness. And yet it is a key part of your installation since it will allow to regulate the quantity of gas at the output of your connected equipment. Explanations. The […]

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Choosing a Gas Bottle

Choosing a Gas Bottle To choose a gas bottle it is necessary to ask the right questions. What use? What volume is needed? For which environment? Use of gas indoors or outdoors: what difference? The choice of gas cylinder depends primarily on the environment in which you use it. If the gas cylinder is used […]

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What is butane gas?

What is butane gas? Butane gas has many similarities with propane. Nevertheless, like many energies, it possesses its own characteristics, in particular as regards its use as well as its mode of storage. Butane gas: how is it produced? Butane gas is what is called a Liquefied Petroleum Gas , or more commonly LPG, just […]

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What is propane gas?

What is propane gas? Propane gas has, like any other energy of its own, many properties that are specific to it. It is odorless, non-toxic but also heavier than air. It has characteristics that are common to other energies, but it has its own specific characteristics, particularly as regards its use. Explanations. Propane gas: what […]

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